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Our Key Protector Motor Policy

Our Key Protector Motor policy offers the widest possible coverage along with attractive benefits, all within one straightforward policy.

Benefits of our Key Protector Motor Policy:

  • NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT: Save up to 70%.
  • FEMALE DRIVERS DISCOUNT: Save up to 10% more.
  • MULTI-CAR DISCOUNT: Save up to another 10% if you insure more than one vehicle.
  • OTHER BUSINESS DISCOUNT: Save up to 5% if you have other business with Sagicor such as life or mortgages
  • NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT PROTECTION: Your discount will not be affected under the following conditions:
    If your vehicle is damaged by an uninsured motorist where you are not at fault If you require emergency treatment arising from an accident involving your vehicle
    If only your windscreen or windows are damaged
    If, following breakdown of your vehicle, you incur a reasonable cost to move the vehicle to your home or nearest repairer.
  • LOSS OR DAMAGE TO YOUR MOTOR VEHICLE: The cost of repair or replacement for loss or damage to your Motor Vehicle and its accessories.
  • NEW CAR REPLACEMENT: Covers the cost of replacing your vehicle if damaged in any single accident and the cost of repair or replacement exceeds 50% of the local list price when your Motor Vehicle was new. The damage must occur within 12 months of your Motor Vehicle's first registration by you as new. We will pay up to 105% of the Agreed Value or the amount stated in the schedule for the cost of the replacement value.
  • TOWING AND DELIVERY CHARGES: The reasonable cost of protection and removal to the nearest repairer, as a result of any loss or damage that is insured if your Motor Vehicle is disabled. LOSS OF USE: The reasonable cost of a hired car for up to 7 days following theft, fire, accidents or vandalism to your Motor Vehicle provided it is the subject of a claim under your policy and the Motor Vehicle is disabled. The type of hired car will not exceed 1600CC.
  • DAMAGE BY UNINSURED MOTORIST: The cost of repair or replacement to your Motor Vehicle by a third party who, though at fault, has no compulsory third party insurance.
  • MEDICAL EXPENSES: Up to $500 for each person for medical expenses incurred from injuries sustained in an accident while in your Motor Vehicle.
  • PERSONAL INJURY TO YOU OR YOUR SPOUSE: $10,000 if you or your spouse suffers accidental injury.
  • ROAD RESCUE: Roadside assistance if your vehicle suffers a mechanical or electrical breakdown or is involved in an accident.
  • EXCESS FEE OF $750: in the event of an accident if the claim is settled under your policy. If the accident is caused by a third party uninsured motorist, and you are not deemed liable for the accident, we will waive the excess fee.
  • Want to sign up or learn more? Click here to email us, or call 246-431-2800.