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Introducting DrivePal from Sagicor General. Powered by EasyTrak, this innovative new technology can help you save on your car insurance - depending on your driving habits.

  • Enjoy savings of up to 35% more on care insurance
  • Free to use and easy to install
  • Access to Sagicor General's emergency SOS service

Questions? We've got you covered for that too. Watch the video above for all of the details about this new direction in car insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions

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 What is the DrivePal and what information does it collect?
The DrivePal is a small telematics device plugged into your vehicle to collect data that will be used by Sagicor General to reward good drivers with savings on premium. Some of the data it collects include:
  • The speed at which the vehicle is travelling
  • The rate of acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh cornering
Other information the device collects that we will NOT use or store include:
  • Milage
  • Time of day
  • Vehicle location
 How does the DrivePal programme save me money on premium?
By agreeing to drive well you’re eligible to be part of the DrivePal programme and receive substantially lower premiums. The DrivePal device then allows us to keep track of your driving to confirm that you’re driving well so that we can continue giving you lower premiums.
 What is “good driving”?
Statistics have shown that by avoiding speeding, harsh breaking, harsh cornering and harsh acceleration you will become a better driver thus decreasing your likelihood of being involved in an accident. Take a look at our defensive driving tips for more ideas on how to improve your driving.
 How much will I save by installing the DrivePal device?
The amount you’ll save will vary. Contact us for a quote and we’ll be able to tell you how much you’ll save.
 Are there any additional costs for participating?
There are no additional costs to you for participating in our DrivePal Programme.
 Can I check to see how I’m doing?
Yes. Once you sign up you’ll be issued a username and password that will allow you to log on to a website and keep track of your progress.
 Where is DrivePal available?
The Sagicor General DrivePal is currently only available in Barbados. Come visit us at one of our branches, call us on 246-431-2800 or email us at for further information.
 How does the device transmit the data from my vehicle?
The device transmits data using cellular networks.
 What types of vehicles are eligible for DrivePal?
Most 1996 or newer vehicles are eligible to participate.
 If I have more than one vehicle on the policy do I have to enroll all my vehicles?
No. You can sign up each vehicle separately to be part of the DrivePal programme.
 What happens after I sign up?
The device is installed in your vehicle and you’ll get a lower premium. You will also be given instructions on how to log on to the website to view your progress.
 Will there be a driving curfew imposed?
The programme places no restrictions on when you can drive.
 What if someone else drives the vehicle?
The device will assess the driving of all drivers. You should disclose to your designated driver that the device is installed in your vehicle.
 Am I limited to the number of kilometres I drive?
There is no limit on the number of kilometres you may drive.
 Are commercial vehicles eligible?
 Do I need to inform my staff?
It is good practice to discuss the benefits of the tracking device with your staff and how it may assist their daily activities and their safety. You should seek legal advice to obtain guidance on how to establish a clear communications or disclosure policy to inform your staff that the DrivePal device is installed in your vehicles.
 How does the DrivePal help young and inexperienced drivers?
The DrivePal programme has been created in an effort to promote better driving habits by tying good driving to lower premiums. The DrivePal provides young drivers with an opportunity to prove that they are good drivers and to be rewarded for good driving with savings on their premium. Take a look at our defensive driving tips for ways to improve your driving.
 Do I get regular feedback from Sagicor General to help improve my driving?
You will receive periodic emails on how you’re doing. You can also log on to the website using your username and password and check your progress as often as you’d like.
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Devices & Services

 How is the DrivePal device connected to my vehicle?
The DrivePal device is plugged into the diagnostic port of the vehicle by a trained technician.
 Can the device be turned off or can it be removed?
The device transmits continuously and cannot be turned off. You must not remove the device. The device will send an alert whenever it is unplugged. If for any reason you wish to have the device removed, contact us and we will be pleased to send a technician over to you to remove the device.
 What are some of the benefits to signing up for the device?
  • Significant savings on premiums
  • Regular feedback on your driving helping to make you a better driver
  • Improved accident response time by our SOS response team
  • Accident detection and email notification
  • Recovery of stolen vehicles using the DrivePal GPS function
 How do I know the DrivePal device is working?
If there is any problem with the device an alert will be sent to us and we will contact you.
 If the device malfunctions will it affect my car?
The devices have been rigorously tested and are extremely reliable. However in the event that the device malfunctions, it will have no impact on the vehicle as the device only receives information from the car and it doesn’t send any information to it.
 What if I lose the device?
It is almost impossible to lose the device as it is secured in place when installed.
 How long will the DrivePal stay in my vehicle?
You have full control over how long the DrivePal is in your vehicle. At every renewal of your policy you can decide if you wish to continue being a part of the programme. We may also at some time decide that you no longer need to have the device in order to get savings on your premium.
 Does Sagicor General partner with a 3rd party for the DrivePal programme?
Yes. Easytrak Solutions is the local representative for Geotab, and our trusted partner who supplies the devices and facilitates the system and database for the programme. Geotab is a Canadian based technology firm specializing in telematics.
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 What if I decide that DrivePal is no longer something that I want?
Participation in the programme is completely voluntary. You can cancel at any time. To do so kindly contact Sagicor General’s customer service team to make arrangements to have the device removed.
 If I cancel my enrollment in DrivePal, will it cancel my policy?
No. You are free to remove one or more vehicles from the programme at any time and your policy will not be cancelled.
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Sagicor General values your privacy and any collected data will not be made available to external companies or agencies unless required by law or request of a court.

 How will my driving data be used?
Data collected and transmitted from the DrivePal will be used to determine how good your driving is. Aggregated data with no personal information will also be used within Sagicor General for future development of the programme.
 How do I know that my data is safe?
Sagicor General has committed to manage, use and protect your personal information responsibly. If you would like more information, please review our Privacy Policy and our Data Protection Policy.
 Will Sagicor General share my information?
Sagicor General will not share your personal information with anyone.
 Am I being spied on?
The DrivePal device will be used solely for the purpose for the calculation of your premium and not for the purpose of spying on customers or tracking their movements.


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