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Our Key Protector Home Policy

We've designed our homeowner insurance to offer the best combination of value and coverage, and used simple language to make it straightforward. Your policy includes, but is not limited to:

  • BUILDINGS: The structure, permanent fixtures and fittings, permanent kitchen and bedroom cupboards and interior decorations. Coverage can include garages and garden sheds with limited coverage for fences, gates, driveways and swimming pools, solar heating systems.
  • ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATION   LOSS OF RENT: If your home is so badly damaged that you cannot continue to live in it while repairs are done, your policy will help to meet the cost of additional alternative accommodation up to 10% of the sum insured on buildings, to a maximum of $50,000.
  • REPLACEMENT OF EXTERNAL LOCKS: Up to $500 for replacement and installation of external door locks.
  • LANDSCAPING: Up to $500 for loss of or damage to landscaping at your home caused by an insured event.
  • GLASS: In doors, windows and skylights are covered against accidental breakage, as are baths and washbasins.
  • PROPERTY OWNER'S LIABILITY: If you are responsible for injury to someone, or damage to their property, your policy will pay the costs for which you are legally liable. Underground service pipes and cables that supply gas, electricity, oil or water and sewage pipes are covered against accidental damage, though not normal wear and tear.
  • LIABILITY TO THE PUBLIC: Up to $750,000 plus any costs that may be awarded or agreed with any third party for which members of your household, in their personal capacities as occupiers, or you as owner or occupier of your Home, could become legally liable.
  • EMPLOYERS LIABLITY: up to $10,000,000.00 inclusive of costs of injury, illness or disease.
  • DOMESTIC STAFF - YOUR LIABILITY AS THEIR EMPLOYER: You may become liable to pay any persons in your personal domestic service, including gardeners, who are under a contract of service with you: Up to $750,000 plus any costs that may be awarded or agreed with any third party for loss or damage to property

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